R-Type Final 2 Development Information September 2019

The following information has been updated for September 2019.

  1. Tokyo Game Show 2019 Exhibition Report
  2. Development Progress Report and Schedule for a Demo Version Distribution
  3. Announcement of Launching an Additional Crowdfunding Campaign

Tokyo Game Show 2019 Exhibition Report

At Tokyo Game Show 2019 (September 12-15) in Makuhari, Chiba, we ran a booth with hands-on playable demo of “R-Type Final 2”.
What we exhibited was not stage one of the game. It was produced on a trial basis, so there needed adjustment in some part. Nonetheless, quite a few people stopped by and played the hands-on playable demo. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all who visited our booth.
Also, we would like to thank the fans who have given us their precious opinions and feedback on the game content. Every opinion and feedback are so important that we will share internally and use for the future development of the game.

We apologize for our backers for the fact that this playable exhibition was held only at the limited venue of Tokyo Game Show 2019.
We have recorded the content we showcased at TGS 2019 in a video, so we would be happy if you would check the video to see how the development is going.

If you have any opinions or requests regarding the content of this video, please contact our User Support.
We will share your feedback internally for the future development of the game.

Development Progress Report and Schedule for a Demo Version Distribution

Development Status: Production of basic system and new elements

The basic mechanisms that have been implemented in the previous R-type series have almost been complete.At the same time, we have been developing features unique to the new title. Starting from October on, we will start in full swing the integration of the basic functions to the new system, as well as the implementation of stages and enemies that we will incorporate into the game.
Multiple teams will work on the production of stages simultaneously.

This is the playable demo version we showcased at the booth we ran at Tokyo Game Show 2019.
Though we haven’t implemented the new mechanism yet, the basic functions of R-Type are playable.

Trial Version Distribution Schedule

The hands-on playable demo we showcased at TGS2019 only had the basic functions of R-Type.
As mentioned above, we will start in full swing the production of new elements and the stages for a release version from October onwards.
We are currently planning to distribute the "early trial version" for our backers in April 2020. Please note, however, we may not be able to prepare the early trial version for all the platforms. We will let you know as soon as we decide the platform(s).

The trial version will be distributed first to our backers and then to the general public sometime around June 2020.

Announcement of Launching an Additional Crowdfunding Campaign

Due to a lack of preparation on our side, our Kickstarter campaign period was very short. Also, we were unable to make the campaign well known to all the users as we should have.
After the crowdfunding campaign, we received feedback from many people saying the campaign had been over before they knew it.

Therefore we have decided to run an additional crowdfunding campaign for one month starting from October 1 (Japan Time) through the special page on the official website of "R-Type Final 2". We are sorry that it took time for us to make this decision.*Please note that PayPal is the only method of payment.

We will update the details on the official website and social media of "R-Type Final 2".

Once again, we apologize for having kept you waiting for the launch of an additional crowdfunding campaign and for the delay in responding to the people who inquired us about the campaign.
We kindly ask for your support and cooperation.

Please see here for the details about the additional crowdfunding.

Cover Image of the Month and the Next Update /Event Information

■ Cover Image of the Month

The cover of the month is the image of the ground-based vehicle, TW-02 KIWI BERRY.
It is the only R-craft with wheels.