R-Type Final 2 Development Information November 2019

The following information has been updated for November 2019.

  1. Our special note of thanks to the backers and our plans from now on
  2. Result of the remake stage poll
  3. Development Progress Report

Our special note of thanks to the backers and our plans from now on

In October 2019, we held a monthlong additional crowdfunding campaign*.Thanks to you all, more than 1,500 new backers supported the campaign, this led us reaffirming your expectations for "R-Type Final 2".
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the backers for their support.

*Since we received feedback from many of the R-Type fans that our Kickstarter campaign in June 2019 had ended before they knew it. This was due to a lack of preparation on our side, so we launched the additional crowdfunding campaign for those who had missed out on the previous campaign.

Stretch Goal ($1 Million) Has Been Unlocked

With the stretch goal being unlocked, one of the stages of "R-Type Leo" will be reproduced with the latest technology and added to the R-Type Final 2. We hope you'll be looking forward to how a stage of R-Type Leo will look like on the R-Type Final 2.

Remake Stage of "R-Type III The Third Lighting"

We conducted a poll on a stage of "R-Type III" to be reproduced, which was set as the stretch goal of US$900,000. Here is the result:

1 Stage 4 Fire Cask Factory 38.2%
2 Stage 1 Catapult Dimension 21.1%
3 Stage 6 Galaxy of Abyss 13.8%
4 Stage 5 Bionics Laboratory 12.2%
5 Stage 2 Acid Creatures 11.4%
6 Stage 3 Heavy Metal Corridor 3.3%

Among the stages of "R-Type III", Stage 4 "Fire Cask Factory" got the lopsided support from the voters. Thank you for participating in the poll.

By taking the balance with other remake stages into consideration, one of the stages that ranked high in the above poll will be reproduced with the latest technology and will be included as an additional stage. We will let you know as soon as we confirm the stage, so please be patient until then.

Development Progress Report

Production of Stages and Aircraft Selection Screen

We are currently working on the stages and the screen of selecting aircraft, and the implementation related to the development of the aircraft. The image is the one currently in development. We will update new screen images and a video sometime from late December to January.

Cover Image of the Month and the Next Update /Event Information

■ Cover Image of the Month

The cover images of the month are the "R-9uso800 APRIL FOOL", which is one of the four additional aircraft we proposed in October, and Kikai Machine Force.
By making use of the current game infrastructure connected to the Internet, we plan to add and distribute new aircraft after we release the game. As for the special aircraft exclusive available for the backers of our crowdfunding projects, we will propose several plans so that you can choose.

■ Next Update /Event Information

Currently, we are developing an information site for our backers. This site is scheduled to open by the end of December, and we will be able to send the latest information and to perform interactions concerning the crowdfunding rewards.
We also plan to release the latest trailer sometime between late December and January.