R-Type Final 2 Development Information June 2020

We are sorry for the delay in updating the report page. The information for June 2020 has been posted.

  • Distribution of Demo Version for Backers
  • Development Progress Report
  • Deadlines for Registering Information on Rewards
  • Cover Image of the Month and the Next Update /Event Information

Distribution of Demo Version for Backers

The delivery of the demo version for backers, which was scheduled in the spring of 2020, has been delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The "demo version for backers" will be available on Steam Early Access (beta testing) in July 2020. *This demo version is not available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or XboxOne.

It is our great pleasure that our backers will be able to experience the "R-Type Final 2" ahead of everyone else.

The delivery date and how to receive the download key will be announced in next month's "Monthly R-Type Final 2". We are working on the production and adjustment of this demo version to make it more enjoyable for our backers. We hope you'll be looking forward to it.

Development Progress Report

We are working on several stages at the same time. The work progresses from enemy design to modelling, implementation, and adjustments.

A screenshot of Pilot Customization which development has kicked off

(Graphics and interfaces are in the early stages of production)

It is called R-11A Future World. This R-craft can use the Gallop Force, which allows you to switch the angle and range of the laser radiation by setting the speed of the aircraft.

Deadlines for Registering Information on Rewards

Here are the deadlines for registering information about your rewards on the backers' exclusive website "Team R-Type Final 2":

By the end of July 2020

  1. Your name to be included in the staff credits

By the end of September 2020

  1. Your game software (physical copy/ digital) platform
  2. Your size of R-Type Final 2 original T-shirt

By the end of October 2020

  1. Your shipping address for rewards

We will contact backers who supported the following rewards individually by email starting from mid-June onwards.

  1. Backer-exclusive decal designed by backers themselves which can be used in the game
  2. Operator will call your name in the starting sequence of the game
  3. Collaborate with the development team to create a Bydo (the enemy) character which will appear in the game, plus the naming right
  4. Backer-exclusive missiles & Wave Cannon, plus the naming right
  5. Backer-exclusive R-craft & Force you can use in the game, plus the naming right

To register your reward information, please log in to the Team R-Type Final 2 website. On the left side, click "Settings" then "Edit reward information" where you can register your reward information. Please be sure to register your information before the deadline as we need it for the production and shipment of various rewards. *You can change your registered information as many times as you want until the said deadlines.

Cover Image of the Month and the Next Update /Event Information

■Cover Image of the Month

This image was disclosed on the backers' exclusive webpage in April. It's the scene where R-9 A Arrow Head is dropped from the hangar of the Jormungandr transport ship in the sky above the earth. You will see this starting scene at the tutorial stage and when you start the game from Stage One. It is a scene from a new trailer that is currently in production. We are sorry for the delay in the release of the trailer.

■Next Update /Event Information

The next update is scheduled for July. Information about the content and distribution of the demo version will be posted here. Thank you so much for your continued support.