October 4, 2021

October 4th, 2021 Update Information

Thank you for continuing to enjoy "R-Type Final 2".

We are pleased to announce that the update for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XboxOne, and Xbox SeriesX is available starting from October 4th.

The latest version is as follows.

  • PlayStation 4 Ver.1.09
  • Nintendo Switch Ver.1.08
  • XboxOne / Xbox SeriesX Ver.1.06

If you are playing the game, we kindly ask you to update to the latest version.

Here is a list of the updates. We hope this helps you when you play the game.

1) Add Player Ships

Aircraft 049: OF-1 Daedalus
Aircraft 050: OFX-2 Valkyrie
Aircraft 051: OF-3 Garuda
Aircraft 052: OFX-4 Songoku
Aircraft 053: OF-5 Kaguya
Aircraft 065: TL-2A Achilleus
Aircraft 066: TL-2A2 Neoptolemos
Aircraft 067: TL-2B Herakles
Aircraft 068: TL-2B2 Hyllos
Aircraft 073: R-13B Charon

2) Add Pilot Suits

4) Add Aircraft Retsuden (Biographies)

5) Improved Game Stability

We will continue to update the game to keep you entertained.
Thank you for your continued support of R-Type Final 2.