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The latest work of the legendary shooting game, R-Type Final 2 has kicked off !

"R-Type" is the milestone in side-scrolling shooter games, which went out into the world in 1987. In June 2019, we kicked off the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the latest R-Type title into the world. With all the support we gained through the campaigns, we successfully launched the game worldwide in the spring of 2022. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone for supporting us. With your continuing support, we will continue to add to and update the game after its release. Many thanks for your continued support.

What is R-Type Final 2?

With the slogan, "The Best R-Type We Can Make Now!", we create a new R-Type and constantly update it. Easier for those who are not good at shooter games and more challenging for more skilled players... It is a new R-Type that combines both contrasting elements. We hope you'll give it a try!

Easy-to-understand and varied stages

The screen structure is easy to understand with the horizontal view, and unlike previous series, the stage is designed for a 16: 9 screen. Stages of varied battles. In the latest version, you can play as many as 13 stages.*





- Stage 1.0 Investigation: Abandoned Space City - Stage 2.0 Destruction: Invaded Plant Factory - Stage 3.0 Breaking In: Stolen AI Laboratory - Stage 4.0 Cleanup: Living Organisms on the Former Space Base - Stage 5.0 Diving: Giant Crystal Colonies - Stage 5.1 Darkness - Submerged Lab Ruins - Stage 6.0 Rotation: Decaying Erosion Cave - Stage 6.1 Surface : ruines souterraines inconnues - Stage 6.2 Breakthrough: Defense System - Stage 7.0 Final Point: Graveyard of Trans-dimensional Fighters - Stage 7.1 Returned? A Familiar Space City - Stage 7.2 Final Point: Center of the Planet Bydo - Stage R1.0 Strongest Pilot Stage 01

We will continue to add more stages in the future.

*These stages are playable by those who have purchased the game. More stages can be added by installing additional DLC.

Over 100 player ships!
Abundant customization elements!

The best part of R-Type is taking on formidable enemies by making full use of the "Wave Cannon with overwhelming destructive power" and "invincible partner Force" mounted on the player aircraft. R-Type Final 2 offers more than 100 player ships. (105 aircraft as of ver. 1.4.0) As you progress through the game, you will be able to develop your own aircraft. You will find the best aircraft to complete the stages you are struggling with.


player-ships customization

You can change the appearance of your aircraft by changing the color or applying decals.

ultimate fighter

In addition, a type of aircraft known as the ultimate fighter can be equipped with any combination of weapons from player ships developed up to date.

take pictures

There are a number of locations where you can take pictures of your favorite aircraft.

You can combine stages to create your liking!

Once you collect seven stages you have completed, you can build seven-stage configurations to your liking. You can name the stages as you like. Moreover, you can change the title of the game.

stage edit

Difficulty settings are fully available!

We have introduced a system that allows players who find side-scrolling shooters too difficult to play and experienced players who want more challenges to fine-tune the difficulty level. (From Ver. 1.4.0)

difficulty level

Downloadable Content

Resource DLC Additional content that can reduce the difficulty of player aircraft development and gameplay

The DLC includes resources needed to develop aircraft such as Solonium, Etherium, and Bydogen, R points that can be used to purchase items and pilot suits in the store, and "Arms Warranty Tickets" and "Wave Acceleration Tickets" to reduce the difficulty of the gameplay. There are four types. One of them is for free, so please take advantage of them.

New Pilot Support Pack

New Pilot Support Pack : Free

・Solonium …… 1,800 ・Etherium ………… 1,800 ・Bydogen ………… 1,800 ・R points ………………10,000 ・Arms Warranty Ticket … 2 tickets ・Wave Acceleration Ticket … 1 ticket

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack I
(Paid DLC)

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack I (Paid DLC)

・Solonium …… 3,000 ・Etherium ………… 3,000 ・Bydogen ………… 3,000 ・R points ………………30,000 ・Arms Warranty Ticket … 5 tickets ・Wave Acceleration Ticket … 5 tickets

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack II
(Paid DLC)

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack II (Paid DLC)

・Solonium …… 6,000 ・Etherium ………… 6,000 ・Bydogen ………… 6,000 ・R points ………………100,000 ・Arms Warranty Ticket … 12 tickets ・Wave Acceleration Ticket … 12 tickets

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack III
(Paid DLC)

Ace Pilot Special Training Pack III (Paid DLC)

・Solonium …… 9,000 ・Etherium ………… 9,000 ・Bydogen ………… 9,000 ・R points ………………250,000 ・Arms Warranty Ticket … 20 tickets ・Wave Acceleration Ticket … 20 tickets

Stage Pass Volume 1

Stage Pass Volume 1

Purchase R-Type Final 2 Stage Pass and get DLC Set 1, 2,and 3* as they become available to download.
*Note: DLC contents consist of the following: - DLC Set 1: includes 2 stages - DLC Set 2: includes 2 stages - DLC Set 3: includes 3 stages

DLC Set 1

DLC Set 1 includes 2 stages

- Stage X1.0: Flame-Engulfed Arms Factory - Stage X2.0: INSIDE OF RUINS

DLC Set 2

DLC Set 2 includes 2 stages

- Stage X3.0: Crazed Craft - Stage X4.0: Warship Out of Hell

DLC Set 3

DLC Set 3 includes 3 stages

- Stage X5.0: Distorted Ecosystem - Stage X6.0: Resource Quarry Ruins - Stage X7.0: Encounter

Stage Pass Volume 2

Stage Pass Volume 2

Purchase R-Type Final 2 Stage Pass Volume 2 and get DLC Set 4, 5, and 6* as they become available to download.
*Note: DLC contents consist of the following: - DLC Set 4: includes 2 stages - DLC Set 5: includes 2 stages - DLC Set 6: includes 3 stages

DLC Set 4

DLC Set 4 includes 2 stages

- Stage Y1.0: Azure Grotto - Stage Y2.0: Materialized Virtual Training Space DLC Set 4 - Official Trailer

DLC Set 5

DLC Set 5 includes 2 stages

- Stage Y3.0: Geirrod Fortress Strategic War - Stage Y4.0: Corrosion DLC Set 5 - Official Trailer

DLC Set 6

DLC Set 6 includes 3 stages

- Stage Y5.0: Forgotten Lab - Stage Y6.0: Pluto Outer Base Glitnir Strategic War - Stage Y7.0: Bio Cavity DLC Set 6 - Official Trailer

Stage Pass Volume 3

Stage Pass Volume 3

These are newly released stage passes. You can play seven additional stages from Stage Z1.0 to Z7.0. Set 7 to Set 9 can also be purchased separately. As for Set 8, Set 9 and the stages included in them, we will announce the timing of the release separately on the official website and social media, so please stay tuned for further updates.

DLC Set 7

DLC Set 7

- Stage Z1.0: On a Shining Green Planet - Stage Z2.0: Deep Sea Ruins DLC Set 7 - Official Trailer

DLC Set 8

- Stage Z3.0: The City That Sleeps - Stage Z4.0: Auxiliary Base DLC Set 8 - Official Trailer

DLC Set 9

- Stage Z5.0: Front Line Base - Stage Z6.0: Awakening - Stage Z7.0: Lunar Base Infiltration - Stage Z7.1: Summer Evening * *Stage Z7.1 is playable only when
DLC Set 8 is installed. DLC Set 9 - Official Trailer



This additional content adds an aircraft that can be used in the game. - OFX-X MARIKO "OFX-X MARIKO" Trailer



This additional content adds an aircraft that can be used in the game. - R-9uso799 - APRIL FOOLS PROTOTYPE

Thank you for supporting our crowdfunding campaigns

Thank you so much for your great support in the crowdfunding campaigns of the R-Type Final 2 production project we ran in June, October 2019 and November 2020. Your support has enabled us to proceed with this project. We have launched a dedicated website (Team R-TYPE FINAL 2) for our backers to let you know about platform selection and to contact you about your rewards. If you have not yet signed in to the website, please do so.


R-Type Final 2
Shoot'em Up
EU/NA Region: NIS America, Inc.
Release Date
April 30, 2021
AUDIO: English, Japanese
TEXT: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean


Region Platform Publisher Latest Version Sale (JST)
North America PlayStation 4 NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
Nintendo Switch NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
Europe PlayStation 4 NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
Nintendo Switch NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
North America/Europe XboxOne/SeriesX NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
Asia XboxOne/SeriesX Granzella Ver.1.4.1 -
Korea PlayStation 4 Digital Touch Ver.1.4.0 -
Nintendo Switch Digital Touch Ver.1.4.0 -
Taiwan/Hong Kong/
Southeast Asia
PlayStation 4 JUSTDAN Ver.1.4.0 -
Nintendo Switch JUSTDAN Ver.1.4.0 -
Japan PlayStation4 Granzella Ver.1.4.1 -
Nintendo Switch Granzella Ver.1.4.0 -
DMMGAMES Granzella Ver.1.3.0 -
Worldwide Steam NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
Windows NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
EpicGamesStore NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -
GOG NISAmerica Ver.1.4.0 -

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