The latest work of the legendary shooting game,
"R-Type Final 2" has kicked off!

Granzella has started planning to bring out the latest work of the milestone in side-scrolling shooter games, "R-Type", which went out into the world in 1987.

In this latest version of R-Type game, all the player fighters that appeared in R-Type Final, expressions of attacks, operability and the exhilarating feeling of the gameplay will be intensified.
In addition, more customizable elements will be available for the player fighters.

The stages are rebuilt from scratch for the new game. As this is going to be the first R-Type game since 16:9 displays have become the standard, the screen structure will be reviewed to improve the playability and make the side scrolling shooter game more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, the stages that appeared in the earlier work will come back with new expressions and interpretations.

Though the difficulty level of the game is originally high, this game allows the player to set a difficulty level from a wider range according to his or her ability.
The higher the difficulty level, the more scores the player will get. It also enables the players to compete the scores with R-Type pilots from all over the world.

Here is the second trailer released on June 3. Check it out.

The Best R-Type We Can Make Now!

Now that the wide screen aspect ratio of 16:9 has become standard, side scrolling shooter games will evolve into something more exciting.

Wave Cannon attacks by trans-dimensional fighters equipped with firepower equivalent of that of a battleship.
This game is thoroughly focused on expressions of how enemies are destroyed.
The feeling of exhilaration in the destructions is thoroughly pursued.

The Stage Dominated by Decaying Organism.
As new enemies are generated from carcasses of the enemies, the more the player plays the game, the stronger enemies he or she gets.
Not only the player's fighter, but also the stages will evolve. That's R-Type Final 2.
Moreover, new stages are planned to be added after the release of the game.

Enhanced playability, full of exciting and enjoyable elements

The level of difficulty is automatically adjusted according to the player's ability.
Exquisite gameplays will be met with higher difficulty levels which offer explosive increase of the scores. It guarantees high playability of the game by Score Attack.
On the other hand, those who are not familiar with R-Type and who are new to play side scrolling shooter games are given a moderate level of difficulty so that they can avoid a gameplay that is "too difficult to play".

The gameplay in which players make full use of Wave Cannon and Force to defeat formidable enemies remains alive.
he game will be carefully created to bring about maneuvering and game development that are unique qualities of side scrolling shooter games.

Not only the enemy's shots, but also tactics relating to geographical features, as well as ramming attacks by giant enemies pose a threat to the player's fighter.
The tension and thrill of cutting his or her way through huge enemies is something that only R-TYPE can offer.

Successive trans-dimensional fighters make renewed appearances!

Dozens of fighters that appeared in the previous series are planned to make renewed appearances.
A greater variety and expressions of the Force and Wave Cannons to be available.
Colors and decals changeable as you please.

Thank You! Our Crowdfunding Campaign Ended

We successfully ended our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Granzella's new R-Type production project, "Project-R". Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

From now on, we will keep you updated on the production progress on our Kickstarter campaign page on a monthly basis.
We look forward to your continued support.

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