December 23, 2021

"R-Type Final 2" Build A Custom Ship Contest Kicks Off

Submit your favorite ship!
Build your custom ship with decals and colors, and post it with the contest hashtags #MyRship & #rtypefinal2 !

Best entries will be selected from among all the entries received!
Winners of the best entries will receive an original "R-Type Final 2" wallpaper!!

Entry Deadline: January 13, 2022, 11:59 p.m. (JST)

Entry Rules

(1) Your ship:

Please submit an image (.jpg, .png) or video of the custom ship you built. There are no specified shooting locations in the game.

(2) How to enter

Please post your custom ship on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the "#MyRship" "#rtypefinal2" contest hashtags and, if possible, the title of your work.

The Build A Custom Ship Contest (the "Contest") is sponsored and operated by Granzella Inc. (the "Sponsor"). Sponsor reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and the content of the Contest at any time without prior notice and take any other action it deems necessary, including suspension, discontinuation, or termination of the Contest. Entrants must comply with the administration methods of the Sponsor when entering the Contest and must not raise any objection to such administration methods.

Winner Selection

Granzella Inc. and the "R-Type Final 2" production team will screen all decal designs submitted strictly to determine the winning entries to be included in the game. The winners' names will be listed in the staff credits.


Q. How can I enter the contest?

A. Please post your custom ship on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the "#MyRship" "#rtypefinal2" contest hashtags and, if possible, the title of your work.
By posting your work, you are entering the contest. Please be sure to include the above hashtag in your entry.

Q. Can I submit more than one custom ship?

A. Yes, you can submit as many custom ships as you like within the contest period.

Notices and Disclaimers

The Sponsor asks that you read and agree to all of the following before submitting your entry. By submitting an image using the above hashtag, you are deemed to have agreed to the entry rules.

(1) Entries (including pseudonyms) that fall into any of the following categories will be excluded from the judging process. In addition, the Sponsor may cancel the entry if any reason for not being eligible for selection is found after the screening.

- Entries that are considered obscene, cruel, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive to a third party.
- Entries that are offensive to public order and morals.
- Entries that may infringe on a third party's ownership rights, intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights), honor, credibility, privacy, or any other rights.
- Entries that the Sponsor deems to be inappropriate for publication.
- Entries that contain missing or incorrect required information.
- Other entries that the Sponsor has determined are not appropriate.

(2) The copyright of the entry shall belong to the entrant. However, the copyright of the winning entries shall belong to the Sponsor.

(3) Winners shall not exercise their moral rights against the Sponsor or any third party designated by the Sponsor.

(4) The Sponsor will not bear any costs incurred in the submission of the entries.

(5) The Sponsor shall use all information provided by the Entrants to the Contest only for the purpose of contacting the Entrants of the Contest and the selected entries. In addition, the Sponsor shall handle the personal information of the Entrants in accordance with the Sponsor's Privacy Policy.

(6) Candidates for the award may be contacted separately regarding the selection process. Please note that if the Sponsor does not receive a response within a certain period of time after the contact, the Sponsor may not be able to award the prize.

○ Disclaimer

(1) Entrants are responsible for their own submissions to the Contest.

(2) The Sponsor shall not bear any responsibility for any disputes that may arise between Entrants to the Contest, the selection of winners, or between Entrants and other third parties, regardless of the cause of such disputes.

(3) The Sponsor shall not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, the suspension, cessation or discontinuation of the Contest) incurred by the Entrant in connection with the Contest.

(4) The Sponsor's exemption from liability set forth herein shall not apply in the event that the direct cause of the damage is the Sponsor's intentional or gross negligence.


(1) If you have any comments or questions about this contest, please feel free to contact us.

(2) Please be sure to include your "e-mail address", "pseudonym", and "the subject of your inquiry". Also, please make sure to type "Rtypefinal2 Build A Custom Ship Contest" in the subject line.

(3) Kindly refrain from contacting us by phone.

(4) We will not be able to answer any questions regarding the selection results.

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