February 24, 2022

Patch (Ver. 1.2.0) Release Notes

Thank you to all the players who have been enjoying the "R-Type Final 2".

The latest patch (Ver. 1.2.0) is now available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XboxOne and Xbox SeriesX in the Japan region.

* The release of the patch (Ver. 1.2.0) for Steam and other PC platforms is scheduled for February 26th, 2022 (Japan time).
We would appreciate your patience for a bit longer.

Please find the various improvements and fixes featured in Patch Ver. 1.2.0 listed below.

  1. Addition of player ships

 Aircraft 077: B-1A3 Digitalius III
Aircraft 080: B-1B3 Mad Forest III
Aircraft 083: B-1C3 Amphibian III
Aircraft 086: B-1D3 Bydo System γ
Aircraft 088: B-3A Misty Lady
Aircraft 089: B-3A2 Misty Lady II
Aircraft 090: B-3B Metallic Dawn
Aircraft 091: B-3B2 Metallic Dawn II
Aircraft 092: B-3C Sexy Dynamite
Aircraft 093: B-3C2 Sexy Dynamite II
Aircraft 094: BX-4 Arvanche
Aircraft 095: B-5A Claw Claw
Aircraft 096: B-5B Golden Selection
Aircraft 097: B-5C Platinum Heart
Aircraft 098: B-5D Diamond Wedding

screenshot screenshot

  1. Addition of Craft History

  1. Improvements to the stability of the game.

We will continue to update R-Type Final 2 to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game.
We look forward to your continued support of R-Type Final 2.